Preview to French #Winophiles Vouvray Virtual Visit

Discover the Many Faces of Vouvray with the French Winophiles
Vouvray is a French Wine region located in the Loire Valley. The wines are made exclusively from the Chenin Blanc grape, but they can take on many faces. Do you like sparkling wines? Do you like your white wines bone dry? Ever care to enjoy an off-dry white wine? How about a fully sweet dessert wine? All these are found under the single label of “Vouvray”. On December 21st, our French Winophiles blogging group will be sharing our exploration of the many faces of Vouvray. Join us!

Loire Valley map courtesy of

Vouvray – One of the Best Known Regions within the Loire Valley
Look carefully on the Loire Valley map and you’ll see Vouvray as the region just east of the major city of Tours, and yes, there is an actual village of Vouvray as the center of the region. The region lies entirely on the right bank of the Loire river (the north side). The region has been growing grapes, primarily Chenin Blanc, for centuries. Most recently, a syndicate of growers was formed in 1906 and an AOC Vouvray was approved in 1936.The Loire Valley Wines website has a nice summary of the Vouvray region here.

Sparkling, dry, off-dry or sweet. Anything is possible with Vouvray!

French Winophiles Dig Into Vouvray
Our Vouvray investigation will occur on December 21st; we’ll all have fresh blog posts online and we’ll be chatting on Twitter on Saturday morning, December 21st at 11:00am EST, 8:00am PST. You’ll find us at the #Winophiles hashtag. You can always join the chat, even if you don’t have a blog.


4 Responses to “Preview to French #Winophiles Vouvray Virtual Visit”
  1. I’m in! We visited Vouvray in Loire specifically so we could participate — and we had an amazing lunch an aMichelin star tuffeau castle which we paired with sparkling from the winery we visited earlier that day!!

  2. Neil Phillips says:

    Ah, sorry I missed it today. But I have a good reason: here in France. 🙂

    Alas, the Southwest (Gascogne), not the Loire. But still mighty fine.

    I’ve missed a lot of these, I know…not being on FB makes it a challenge to get them on my calendar in advance!

    Looking forward to reading your post.

    All the best for the holidays.


    (Currently just finishing a homemade tulip pasta bought in the market, with a sauce we made. Have paired with a wine from the tarn – 100% Duras, a varietal I’ll bet not many in the group have had…let alone as a single-varietal bottling!). 😉

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  2. […] we knew the December #Winophiles led by Jeff Burrows would focus on Vouvray, visiting a winery in the region was high on our to do list– and we really didn’t want […]

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