Preview the #MerlotMe Plans from the Wine Pairing Weekend Crew! #WinePW

October is #MerlotMe Season
Move over Cabernet Sauvignon! Take a seat Malbec! Pinot Noir, you really are too finicky(high maintenance). Let’s not even mention “Red Blends” Pffft. It’s time for Merlot to reclaim its’ place on the top shelf of wines we Americans turn to. This is the fifth year of a collaboration between our Wine Pairing Weekend blogging group and the #MerlotMe wineries. We’ll be sharing lots of great Merlot wine pairing ideas and we’d love for you to join us.

Let Merlot fancy up that burger you made. #MerlotMe

Details for Exploring or Participating with our Wine Pairing Weekend Group’s #MerlotMe Celebration
Thanks to the generous help of the #MerlotMe producers, many in our Wine Pairing Weekend group received samples design pairings around. Join us this weekend as we blog, tweet and chat about the wonders of Merlot! Our blog posts will go live on Friday and Saturday, October 11-12. We’ll host an hour long chat on Twitter on Saturday, Oct. 12 at 11am EDT, 8am PST.  Come and join us at the #MerlotMe and #WinePW hashtags on Twitter. We love visitors. We even love hecklers, join us!

Take a look below at all the great ideas for your next bottle of Merlot.

Six Word Love Stories for Merlot
The #MerlotMe folks are encouraging everyone to post a short #SixWordLoveStory to Merlot on Social media this month. Why not join in the fun?  I did!


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