April Snowstorms Bring May Rosé

Rosé wines in the snow

When that final snowstorm arrives, it’s time to break out the rosé!

Snow Kicks Off Rosé Season in Minnesota
It happens every year! Late in the winter, I’ll receive a few offers to sample the coming seasons’ rosé wines. I always like to try a few new examples, so I say “sure!” The rosés arrive.  Then we get one (hopefully last) big snowstorm! So, without further adieu, here a couple of fun rosés to look for this summer!

Disclosure: The wines in this post are samples. No other compensation was provided, all opinions are my own.

Rosés are produced everywhere these days. Here are examples from Provence, Sicily, and Argentina.

Dry Rosé For Your Warm Weather Thirst
Rosé is made from red wine grapes. It achieves its’ color from spending a short time on the grape skins (hours to days) before being pressed off to complete fermentation. When I think of rosé, I’m most often thinking of a pale colored, refreshing dry wine.  In recent years, rosé wines have grown beyond just a drink for the porch in the summer, as they are great with a wide variety of foods. I personally still like to drink my rosé in the summer. The Minnesota winter is just too inviting for those bigger reds which are brought out less often in July and August. You can feel free to open one any time of year, though. I’ll not stop you!

As the examples below show, high quality rosé is made all over the world. When you’re out stocking up for the summer, you might see these on your local store shelves among a wide array of choices. Here’s to the new crop of rosé!

classic Provençal rosé wine

Tart, refreshing and bone dry, La Gourmande is a classic Provençal rosé

Mas de la Dame Les Baux de Provence AOC “La Gourmande” 2018 (sample, $20 SRP or online here) 12.5% abv

From the winery: “At the top of Les Baux de Provence sits a charming medieval village, home to the Mas de la Dame Estate. Mas de la Dame translates to “farm of the lady”, a nod to owners Anne Poniatowski and Caroline Missoffe, the dynamic female duo behind the winery. Certified organic by ECOCERT, Mas de la Dame’s La Gourmand Rosé is a blend of 60% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 10% Mourvèdre and 10% Cinsault.

Eye: Clear, medium salmon color.
Nose: Clean, medium- intensity. Fresh, floral and fruity. White flowers, underripe strawberries
Mouth: Dry, medium intensity flavors of strawberries, lemons, apple. Medium body, medium alcohol, medium+ acidity. Low tannins. Nice medium lingering fruity finish. A refreshing drink which will be great on the deck under the umbrella on a hot afternoon.

Rosé wine from Sicily

Subtle and refreshing but not overly tart, the Mandrarossa rosé may remind you of sitting by the ocean with just a hint of salinity in the aroma

Mandrarossa Perricone Rosé Costadune Terre Siciliane IGT 2018 (sample, $12 SRP, or online here) 12% abv

From the winery: “at Mandrarossa winery, located in Menfi, southwest Sicily, the native Perricone grape thrives under ample sunshine and cool coastal breezes. Waxy, and thick with dark blue skin, the lesser known Perricone grape produces a unique rosé that authentically expresses its Sicilian terroir.

Eye: Clear, medium salmon-rose color.
Nose: Clean, medium- intensity with a touch of salt air in the first whiff. Faint aromas of cranberries.
Mouth: Dry, medium- intensity. Medium body, medium alcohol, nice crisp texture. Subtle strawberry fruit with refreshing acidity though not too tart. Medium finish. This wine was notably less fruity with a touch of a nice saline air.

Rosé wine from Argentina

If you like your rosé fruity, Salentein Wines “Portillo” will be your favorite.

Salentein Wines Valle de Uco Portillo Rose 2018 (sample, $11 SRP, or online here) 13% abv

From the winery: “Located in the heart of Argentina’s Uco Valley, home to some of the highest elevations on the planet, Portillo benefits from the area’s excellent growing conditions. Made from 100% Malbec, this rosé is extremely versatile and food-friendly.”

Eye: Clear, medium salmon-rose color
Nose: Clean, medium- intensity. Subtle aromas of juicy ripe strawberries, grapefruit, a touch of fresh green herbs.
Mouth: Dry, medium intensity flavors. Medium acidity, medium body, medium alcohol. Flavors of strawberry, grapefruit with a subtle herbal edge. Nice smooth texture. The acidity is fresh but well masked by the fruit. Medium finish. Nice wine for the deck, not super acidic and perhaps just a touch of residual sweetness? Not sweet, but the fruit is so ripe and plush.

For many, grilling season and rosé season coincide. Time to put away the Sorel boots and get out the sandals!



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