The French #Winophiles are Off to Lirac in the Côtes du Rhône

Southern Rhone map courtesy of Wine Folly. Find Lirac just northwest of Avignon, across the Rhone from Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

It’s October and We’re Exploring Lirac in the Côtes du Rhône
Our French Winophiles are exploring (virtually) the Lirac appellation, the southernmost named village in the Côtes du Rhône this month. While it is located just across the Rhône river from Châteauneuf-du-Pape, it remains one of the lesser known “under-the-radar” Côtes du Rhône Villages. Let’s change that! One interesting twist, while Lirac is located in the Rhône wine region, the department (a bit like county or state) is the Languedoc-Roussillon. No matter, let’s go see what Lirac is all about.

Lirac is in the Gard region on the right bank of the Rhone river. Take a picnic with your Lirac wine to the Pont du Gard, an old Roman aqueduct!

The French Winophiles Virtually Invade Lirac
This month, many of our group received a set of wines samples courtesy of Teuwen Communications. Of course, we also encourage independent posts from our group and visitors.  Visit our posts when they go live this weekend.  All posts will be live by Saturday October 20.

Don’t you love the embossed bottles in many French regions? Lirac has their own crest.

Join in the Fun!
Please join our chat on Twitter – whether you posted or not.  We love visitors and happily chat and answer questions. Simply tune in to the #winophiles hashtag on Twitter this Saturday, Oct. 20 at 10am CDT. Our bloggers will also be tagging (Twitter) @rhonewines and (IG) @rhonevalleyvineyards, and using the following hashtags: #rhonevalleyvineyards #lirac #liracwines

Lirac allows white, red and rose blends within the AOC rules

Here’s a list of great Lirac wine suggestions from our Winophiles

Just across the Rhône River from Lirac is Avignon, one time home of the Pope. Don’t miss it!



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