My Big Break on the “We Like Drinking” Podcast

Fame? Yes! Fortune? ?
Sure, it was fun to win a trip to Bordeaux with the Millesima Blog Awards. Yep, honored to be shortlisted in the Born Digital Wine Awards in 2017. I knew I had finally made it, achieved star status when I was invited to be a guest on the “We Like Drinking” Podcast!

Go ahead and give my episode a listen here.

Do you listen to wine related podcasts? I have several in my rotation:

All the above are educational in nature. But one doesn’t live on education alone, sometimes a little fun is called for.  This is where “We Like Drinking” shines.

The thing I learned by being a guest on the show is that the Jeff’s (Jeff Solomon and Jeff Eckles) and John Ruyak do their homework. They come to the show prepared and they sneak a lot of information into their good natured banter.

Anyway, I had a ball, I hope you give them a listen!

When asked about my most surprising pairing: Oloroso Sherry and Memphis style smoked ribs!





2 Responses to “My Big Break on the “We Like Drinking” Podcast”
  1. Amber says:

    Great job guys! I thought you were a really fun guest Jeff!

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