Graham’s 20 Year Tawny Port: Formal to Cowboy

Tawny Port For Every Occasion
Port comes in such a variety of styles and price points, there is sure to be a port for your every occasion from daily treats to special celebrations. Tawny port may be for you if you appreciate the nutty, caramel notes amidst the deep fruit and lively acidity. The color fades and the oxidized notes increase as you move from basic tawny up to 10 year, 20 year and even 40 year. It makes sense that the cost goes up as the age of the wine increases. Basic tawny port is a good introduction to the style, 10 year tawny port makes a delicious everyday treat. As a fortified wine, an open bottle will easily last weeks without losing any of its enjoyment.

Graham's 20 year tawny port

As the age of the tawny port increases, the color lightens to a beautiful amber

20 Year Tawny Port for Special Occasions
Are you inviting friends over for a nice dinner or hosting a special event soon (Oscar’s party anyone)? Consider finishing the meal or highlighting the event with a special bottle of port in lieu of dessert. While you can serve tawny port with dessert, my recommendation is to let the wine be the dessert. For a special dinner, 20 year tawny port would serve beautifully. Try it with a selection of cheeses, or my favorite: nuts and dried fruit.

Graham's 20 year tawny port with nuts and dried fruit

Graham’s 20 year tawny port stands ready for your special occasions

W&J Graham’s 20 Years Tawny Porto (sample, suggested retail $65)
Eye: Clear, medium amber color with viscous legs. Much lighter in color compared to a 10 year tawny port.
Nose: Clean, vanilla, caramel, butterscotch, nuts – hazelnuts are the closest with a little bit of (nice) musty basement in the background.
Mouth: Sweet with plenty of acidity to balance. Rich, unctuous texture, with high alcohol and refined medium tannins. Very long, caramel and nut finish. Lovely and memorable.

Disclosure: Graham’s 20 year Tawny Port was provided as a sample. No other compensation was involved and all opinions are my own.

Fancy Is Not the Only Occasion
Before you conclude that 20 year Tawny Port is only for “fancy” occasions, consider this: A few years ago we enjoyed a wilderness horse trek. While we had limited space for personal belongings, our group of guests decided to bring in something special for the first few evenings by the campfire. We brought a bottle of Graham’s 20 year tawny port and it provided a memorable finish to our days in the wilderness. It was as comfortable and delicious in a tin cup as in a proper port glass.

Graham's 20 year tawny port at


5 Responses to “Graham’s 20 Year Tawny Port: Formal to Cowboy”
  1. lynda seasly says:

    Jeff – Did you notice the reflection in the glass of the second photo – cool! Thanks for educating us on wine! Lynda >

  2. I think any bottle of Graham’s Tawny is good any and every day, especially by a camp fire!

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