Aglianico Shootout, Join Us! #ItalianFWT

Aglianico: King of Southern Italy
Italian wines are so much more than just Sangiovese. Have you ever tried an Aglianico based wine? Aglianico grapes are grown in southern Italy and almost nowhere else. With thick skins, they produce deeply colored, tannic wines suitable for aging. So much so, they are sometimes referred to as the “Barolo of Southern Italy”.

Aglianico is found in Campania (lilac) and Basilicata (orange) Map courtesy of Wine Folly

Join Our Italian Food, Wine & Travel Aglianico Shootout!
Aglianico’s home is in the southern provinces of Campania and Basilicata, not too far from Naples. Look for Aglianico del Vulture, Taurasi, or Taurasini. Sometimes you’ll find one labeled Aglianico; go for it! Pick out a bottle or two and join the Italian Food Wine and Travel Group as we expand our knowledge about Aglianico. Is it really the Barolo of the south? Who makes the best Aglianico wine? Campania? Basilicata? We’ll be posting and chatting about our findings on Saturday March 3.

If you have a blog and would you like to join us, just send an email to me at I’ll be looking for blog post titles no later than Tuesday, February 27. We post early on Saturday March 3 and chat on Twitter at #ItalianFWT from 10-11am CDT.

If you’ve visited Campania or Basilicata, we’d love to hear about your experience in the region and something special you found there. We’re all ears (or eyes)!

If you’re looking for Aglianico advice, you can try this intro at Wine Folly.

The slide show below shows some of my previous Aglianico experiments, now you know why I’m a fan! (click on any photo for a full size slide show, “escape” to return)

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  1. You are hitting right into my level 3 studies!

  2. West of Temperance Winery says:

    This looks really cool we will be sure to check out all of the posts…

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