French Wine Visits – Our Friend, Raymond Boillot #Winophiles

The French #Winophiles Share Visits and Dreams
This month, our French #Winophiles are sharing their visit memories of trips in France. Since some of our members haven’t yet had the opportunity, we’ll be treated to their dreams of their first trip. Jump down to the bottom of the page to vicariously enjoy our memories and daydreams!

I have been fortunate to visit wineries in many French wine regions, from stellar 1st growth Bordeaux to young vignerons in the Rhone. Famous to humble, the common thread is that the people who work in the wineries are grounded in the earth. At heart they are farmers and vignerons and each has a story worth our time.

Visiting wineries in Europe is a bit different from the typical tasting room experience in the US. You typically cannot just show up, visits need to be arranged in advance. In return, you’ll often get to meet with the winegrower and learn a bit more about their history, their approach as well as getting the opportunity to taste with the winemaker. Well worth the effort in my book!

Domaine Albert Boillot

The Albert Boillot estate is a pretty little property tucked into “downtown” Volnay.

Domaine Albert Boillot
I previously wrote about my chance visit to Raymond Boillot at Domaine Albert Boillot on our first trip to Burgundy back in 2015. Raymond had quickly and kindly answered my last minute request to visit, and I had a ball.

Just a few weeks ago we found ourselves in France again, and once again, we had a day in Burgundy without much notice.  Since I enjoyed my first visit so much, I decided to contact Raymond. I thought my wife Julie and son Peter might enjoy the visit as well. Even with 1 day’s notice, here is the response I received:

We begin the harvest on 9 september. It is with pleasure that we are waiting your visit at Volnay tomorrow in the afternoon.
See you soon

Ici Cave Ouverte

Entrance to the cave at Domaine Albert Boillot

A Small Vigneron
Raymond farms a total of 4.5 hectares (about 10 acres) in Burgundy, mostly in the area around the villages of Volnay and Pommard. His total production is only 20,000 bottles per year, not even 2000 cases! He likes to perform natural fermentation without any added yeasts, although he checks the status twice daily over the typical 15 day fermentation cycle.

We asked if his vines had been affected by the frosts or hail this year. He was happy to report that his vines weren’t affected this year, although on the nights of frost they placed hay bales in the vineyard every 500 meters and burned them at night, watering them to create lots of smoke. After several years of hail, frost, and small yields, he is happily looking forward to a good harvest in 2017. When we visited we were only a few days ahead of harvest. (click on any photo to view the full size slideshow, escape to return to the post)

Snooping Around the Vineyards in Volnay
So if you find yourself in the Côte de Beaune, by all means, look up Raymond at Domaine Albert Boillot in Volnay for a memorable visit.  Then, be sure to leave yourself some time to walk in the vineyards around Volnay!

Souvenirs of Our Visit
We bought several bottles of each of Raymond’s Volnay and Pommard 1er Cru wines.  We enjoyed one while still in France and will think of our visit every time we open one back at home.

French Winophiles Memories and Dreams
Take a look at the daydreams and memories shared by our group. If you see this post in time, we welcome you to join us this Saturday, September 16th, at 10 am CDT. We’ll be chatting on Twitter, using the #Winophiles hashtag in our tweets.  Share your dreams or memories with us!

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Many Memorable Visits
As previously mentioned, I’ve had many memorable winegrower visits in France.  Here are some other favorites:

… and many more to come!


Visit Domaine Albert Boillot in Burgundy. Link at

13 Responses to “French Wine Visits – Our Friend, Raymond Boillot #Winophiles”
  1. Fantastic. Burgundy is my dream!

  2. Wendy Klik says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the slide show. What a wonderful write up about this winery. One of these days……..

  3. Jeff, I think you were a photo-journalist in another life! Beautiful photos and narration – I feel like I’ve walked through the vineyards, too. I love that the Boillots were so gracious and accommodating on such short notice. Wonderful post!

  4. I’ve always wanted to visit Burgundy Jeff…especially since you make it seems so accessible! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Jill Barth says:

    I love being in those flaky and dark old cellars. I feel like I think clearly down there – maybe a sense of concentration?

    What a wonderful experience to share with your family. I’m looking forward to bringing my kids along soon. For now they are my own “cellar rats” hauling wine down and getting it to the racks 🙂

    You’ve had some beautiful moments, Jeff!

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