Wine Pairing Weekend Takes the Sherry Challenge #WinePW

Pairing Food with Sherry
Sherry isn’t a single wine, and it isn’t only something your grandmother drinks. Still, it does seem to be a drink which is often totally overlooked.  Our Wine Pairing Weekend group is taking the challenge this month to pair any of the wide range of styles of sherry with a dish.

Picture yourself in a Spanish seaside tapas bar in Jerez....

Picture yourself in a Spanish seaside tapas bar in Jerez….

What is Sherry?
Sherry is a whole family of unique fortified wines from the region around Jerez, Spain. Grown in a hot climate, the main grape is a white variety called Palomino. After the base wine is made and fortified, it enters a solera system where new wine is gradually mixed into barrels of older wine over a period of years. Styles range from fresh and austere, to dark and dry, to rich and very sweet, all the way to your grandmother’s cream sherry. If you’re interested in learning more, visit Ryan Opaz’ excellent sherry 101 article. Another excellent reference is the Sherry Wines website where you’ll find all you want to know including excellent wine pairing advice!

Wine Pairing Weekend
Come along and see what we discovered. Our posts will all go live Saturday morning, July 9. Read up and join our chat on Twitter at #WinePW starting at 10am CDT.



8 Responses to “Wine Pairing Weekend Takes the Sherry Challenge #WinePW”
  1. Zelda says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Yay, Sherry! Consider me the personal cheering section while you guys drink and pair! And don’t forget Manzanilla, Palo Cortado, and PX in your ‘File unders’! Woo-Hoo-Woo Whoop-Whoop [cheering section].

    Sherry evangelist,

  2. I’m looking forward to participating again this month!

  3. Jill Barth says:

    That label says “drink me”…
    Can’t wait to learn more!

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