Passed #WSET Advanced, on to Diploma!

Wine & Spirit Education Trust – Results Are In!

Back in February, I wrote about my experience in going through wine certification through the Wine & Spirits Education Trust Advanced Course.  After 8 long weeks, the results came via email today!


Excuse me for a minute while I go do my happy dance, here’s the email:

Congratulations on a job well done!  Your results are as follows:


  • Pass with Distinction


  • Pass with Distinction

Overall Grade:

  • Pass with Distinction


My sincere thanks to the Napa Valley Wine Academy for excellent instruction and exam preparation!

Next stop: WSET Diploma

WSET3 Celebration dinner wines!

WSET3 Celebration dinner wines!

25 Responses to “Passed #WSET Advanced, on to Diploma!”
  1. talkavino says:


  2. Congratulations this is a HUGE achievement!

  3. orna2013 says:


  4. lynda seasly says:

    Congratulations Jeff! Never a doubt in my mind – with distinction! Celebrate! Lynda >

  5. Congratulations Jeff! Great news though not at all surprising!

  6. Great news Jeff! Candidly, I never expected anything less! Congratulations!

  7. That is awesome and you deserve all the accolades from your peers. Enjoy.

  8. Congratulations! I bet those 8 weeks were so slow for you! How exciting and a great reason to do a Happy Dance!!!

  9. Nice work buddy, bring on the next two years of cramming! 🙂

  10. Well done! We are following your blog so we can keep up to date on your progress. Here’s our blog on life in Napa Valley:

  11. thewineho says:

    I am looking into doing this. Is it worth doing Level 1? Im not sure the level of difficulty in the level one course. I too want to do it for my blog because it does give you some credibility and especially if you are writing about wine and food pairing. I would love to hear your take.

    • Thanks for writing! I wouldn’t waste my time on Level 1, it is a very basic introduction to wine. You can start with level 2, which is a weekend class with some pre-work and is a great start. The WSET says you’re not supposed to say anything about WSET certification until you have passed level 3, but people do anyway. I’d highly recommend pursuing certification. Looks like you’re in Napa, I had an excellent experience at the Napa Valley Wine Academy and would highly recommend them. Good luck and thanks for visiting!

      • thewineho says:

        Yes that is where I was looking. I will definitely skip to level 2. I didn’t want to spend the extra 350 if it was going to be a no brainer. Thanks for the info! Cheers!

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