The French #Winophiles – Dreaming of Burgundy

Looking down from 2/3 the way up the hillside. 1er Cru vineyards below, the best combination of soil, slope, and angle to the sun.

A vineyard in Volnay in early November

A Virtual Tour of the Food, Wine and Travel to Burgundy
The Burgundy region of France is the historic source of beautiful wines, and so much more.  Dijon mustard? Yes. Coq au Vin? Yes! Beef Bourguignon, obviously! In February, our French #Winophiles group will be exploring the region from afar.  Won’t you join us?

We tasted the 2015's (white and red) from the barrel

If you’re lucky, you might taste from the barrel

Join our Twitter Chat on Saturday January 16
Our friendly group of bloggers will all be posting on the subject of Burgundy on Saturday January 16. We’ll be chatting on January 16 at 10am CST (That’s 1700 hours or 5:00 pm in Beaune!). Just look up the #Winophiles hashtag and join the discussion.  We’d love to have some new bloggers join our group, the pay is low, zero actually, but the conversation is most rewarding. Simply email me by Tuesday January 12 indicating your interest and we’ll add you to our list!

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3 Responses to “The French #Winophiles – Dreaming of Burgundy”
  1. Awesome. I am making our Burgundy dinner tonight! Do we email you our titles? Thanks Jeff.

  2. So many beautiful photos! Hope your studying is going well for the WSET!

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