La Buvette Paris

A Two Year Wait to Visit La Buvette
September 2013, our first trip to Paris.  I did my homework and had found a number of natural wine bars worth a visit. One day, Julie was out with a friend and I had the afternoon free. I chose to walk (a long way) as I love to see a city on foot. In hindsight, I had not done all the research needed. Yep, closed.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.43.38 PM

I posted my disappointment on Instagram, and some time later, I got a nice response, so I resolved: next time, for sure! Here we are, back in Paris Oct 2015.  I was determined to try again.

Open, Yay!

Open, Yay!

Even better, we arrived at a quiet time, and had Camille to ourselves.  La Buvette is a one person show, Camille Fourmont is literally the head chef and bottle washer. At a busier time, we would not have had the opportunity to get to know her.

We had a nice chat about wine, natural wine, passion and entrepreneurship. On the subject of natural wine, Camille says: “First, it must be clean”.  No idealogue, she is not interested in accepting flawed wines in the name of a principle. Her main goal with customers is to ensure they are happy with their choice.  She had Julie sample several wines before she picked a glass to enjoy.

Chatting with Camille about her passion for natural wines.

Chatting with Camille about her passion for natural wines.

Camille offers a variety of small plates along with her wines, and her license requires eating in order to enjoy some wine.  We had a nice burata plate with some bread to satisfy the authorities. (click on any photo to see slide show)

At the conclusion of our visit, I couldn’t resist and took a bottle back to our AirBnB flat to enjoy.

Bourgogne rouge with Mothais sur Feuille goats milk cheese and ripe, fresh figs.

Bourgogne rouge with Mothais sur Feuille goats milk cheese and ripe, fresh figs.

So, if you find yourself in Paris, Wednesday-Sunday, visit Camille at La Buvette.  Just check the hours, first!

paris_2015_day2 20151025 106



5 Responses to “La Buvette Paris”
  1. frankstero says:

    Sounds like a pragmatic approach to natural wines!

  2. Very nice. What are your thoughts on the Burgundy natural wine?

    • You’d recognize it as a very clean (no funky barnyard nose), typical Bourgogne Rouge. You’d just know it’s made without chemical intervention in the vineyard or the cellar. I think he does use small amounts of sulfite at bottling for stability.

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