#WinePW Celebrates October with #MerlotMe

October is MerlotMe Month for Wine Pairing Weekend
The food has been prepared and eaten, the wines have been enjoyed, now it’s time to chat! Our October Wine Pairing Weekend meet-up will be a collaboration between our blogging group and the #MerlotMe participating wineries. Thanks to the generosity of the wineries, the wines for our posts have been provided, and we’ve had great fun finding/creating great food pairings.

Cooler weather = Merlot time!

Cooler weather = Merlot time!

Our posts will go live on Saturday, October 10th and we’ll be on Twitter that morning at 11am EDT, so here’s your chance, grab a bottle of Merlot and join us!

Here’s how you can participate:

  • Pick up a bottle of your favorite Merlot.  Or pick up a bottle of a new one.  Or both, it’s a celebration!
  • Check out our blog posts below.  All will be live by early Saturday morning.  We love visitors and comments!
  • Join our Twitter chat at #WinePW Saturday October 10th at 11am EDT/ 10 Central/ 9 Mountain/ 8am Pacific. We’re hoping to have plenty of participation from the wineries and Rick Bakas. Tweet us your favorite Merlot!
  • Go visit the #MerlotMe website for tons more information, recipes, and events during October
October is a perfect time to dig out the Merlot!

Pick a favorite or try something new!

See what our bloggers have cooked up!

If you are a blogger and would like to join the event, there’s still time. Just email me (jmb5121@gmail.com) with your title and I’ll add you. The more, the merrier!

merlotme_pork_chop_duckhorn 20151002 4

Note: the wines for our posts this month were provided by the #MerlotMe wineries, all recipes and opinions are our own.


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