Our Saber Crisis #MWWC18

Monthly Wine Writing Challenge 18 #MWWC18
After several months away, I’m jumping back into the game with the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge group.  The premise is simple: a friendly challenge among the group to write on the topic for the month. Votes are tallied (remember, no wagering) and a winner emerges.  The winner chooses the next month’s challenge. This month’s theme? CRISIS

Our Saber Crisis
As many wine enthusiasts, we love sparkling wine.  We serve it whenever guests visit, we open a bottle at the slightest reason to celebrate or when we need a little encouragement after a tough day. (click on any photo for slide show)

Sabering around the World
We cut our sabering (sciabola) teeth in Italy. Back in Italy again,  our daughter, Casey, is introduced to the fine art.

More Sabering Fun
Great use for the slo-mo feature on my phone to catch the moment.

It had to happen eventually.  Was the bottle not adequately chilled?  Was the Laetitia neck just too delicate? Was it Julie’s technique?  What was it?

To add insult to injury, Julie gave some blood.

Julie's sabering injuries; more than just an ego bruising.

Julie’s sabering injuries; more than just an ego bruising.

So here we stand, in the midst of our sabering #crisis. Do we get back on the horse?




13 Responses to “Our Saber Crisis #MWWC18”
  1. talkavino says:

    a dangerous life for sure! you win some, you lose some 🙂

  2. Lynda says:

    A booted foot and a bandaged hand – – Julie needs bubble wrap!

  3. If I were to pair a song with your article it would be “Livin on the Edge!” How fun! Thanks for making “crisis” so entertaining.

  4. NK says:

    Wait, this is a thing? How have I never seen this thing. Hold on – searching for a sword!

  5. A crisis indeed! Your family is brave, Sous Chef barely lets me in the kitchen with a knife since he has had to take me to the ER a few times due to my knife work.
    Enjoyed the post and slide show!

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