Emilia Romagna Find: Sparkling Orange Malvasia

Terzo has a great selection of BTG wines

Terzo has a great selection of BTG wines

A Lesser Known Wine
Terzo Vino Bar in Minneapolis is one of our favorite hangouts.  They have a great Italian wine list with lots of interesting wines by the glass.  Back in December I was thinking about Emilia Romagna, our upcoming region in our virtual tour of Italy. I was looking over the by-the-glass choices, sparkling Malvasia? Have you had a Malvasia?  Let alone a sparkling version?  How about an orange sparkling wine?

After trying the wine at Terzo, I was curious if I could find a bottle in Minneapolis.  Nope, not on any shelves.  My friend, Erica, the wine buyer at Zipps loves sparkling wines.  I asked her if she had any or if she knew who carried it.  She went off on a little investigation, and Presto! I had two bottles.  A local distributor only had a few left, and I grabbed them.


Deep, cloudy orange. Interested?

Camillo Donati Il Mio Malvasia 2010 ($22 local order from Zipp’s)
This wine is one those wines you taste and you’re intrigued.  Then you dig a little to find out more about it and you’re taken by the wine and the story behind it. Take a look at the Camillo Donati website. You’ll find this is a small family winery with a fascinating approach to their wines.

Eye: Dark orange, cloudy nice sparkling bubbles on pouring. Small stream continues after.
Nose: Citrus, tangerine rind with a touch of bitterness.
Mouth: Citrus with some depth, strong fruit but dry. Nice carbonation. Very refreshing, a touch of bitter finish but not overwhelming. Note that this wine does have a bit of bitter flavor, if that’s not your thing, you may want to pass.

Look at that color!

Look at that color!

This wine paired nicely with a  pea & shallot bruschetta.  Try it with chicken, or take the Camillo Donati advice and try it with pizza.  I’ll let you know after bottle #2!

Great with pea & shallot bruschetta

Great with pea & shallot bruschetta

8 Responses to “Emilia Romagna Find: Sparkling Orange Malvasia”
  1. talkavino says:

    this sounds extremely intriguing. And I love the label. Cheers!

  2. Fascinating. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Fred Petters says:

    Yes, good stuff. Thanks for sharing the good stuff with us.

  4. waywardwine says:

    Was it orange from intentional oxidation, or just skin contact and lack of filtration?

    • I don’t think there was any oxidation, it seemed like plenty of skin contact, but managed well. I’ve had several orange wines, mostly American. A few have been overdone, but this one managed the balance very nicely.

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