Lynne Rosetto Kasper, Amy Thielen, KITM and Linden Hills Farmers Market – Whew!

Farmers Market Fun
Minneapolis and St. Paul are lucky to have a variety of Farmers Market venues, large and small.  Besides the large Minneapolis and St. Paul Farmers Markets, we have lots of neighborhood markets.  Linden Hills Farmers Market is open on Sunday mornings, and is perfect for a quick (or long) stop after church to pick up some fresh items for dinner.  Our CSA box keeps us satisfied with lots of super fresh produce, but there are fun new things to try in addition, or sometimes we just need something to add to our produce for Sunday dinner at home.

Kitchen in the Market
We love Kitchen in the Market and have taken classes and attended events there.  Our friends from KITM have been providing the food demo’s at Linden Hills Farmers market all season, so we enjoy catching up with them regularly on Sunday mornings.  Today was a special event, commemorating Julia Child’s 102nd birthday.  Special guests Lynne Rosetto Kasper from NPR’s Splendid Table and Amy Thielen from Food Network’s Heartland Table would be at the market to give our KITM chefs a go at a version of the Splendid Table 5 Ingredient Challenge. What fun!  Our KITM friends invited a secret weapon, Bret Bannon, to come and help answer the challenge. (click on any photo to start the slide show)

Molly made a hearty soup and Bret made a version of fried unripe tomatoes, both were fresh and very tasty.  We couldn’t resist trying the Fierce Ferments green kraut, one of the challenge ingredients.   What a fun way to spend an hour on a Sunday morning.  Do you have a farmer’s market in your neighborhood?  In your city?  Give them a visit and try something new!

3 Responses to “Lynne Rosetto Kasper, Amy Thielen, KITM and Linden Hills Farmers Market – Whew!”
  1. Julie Burrows says:

    This was really fun and inspired us to plan for a brats with Fierce Ferments Sauerkraut for dinner

  2. What a fun event! I really enjoy Amy’s show on Food Network and her cookbook.

    Green Kraut? That needs some investigation!

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