Trouble at the Intersection of Food & Wine

(A new monthly wine writing challenge comes from the Armchair Sommelier this month, with “Trouble” as our challenge topic)

As my interest in wine & food has grown, trouble has come from places I never expected.

  • Imagined trouble: the expense of wine purchases.  As interest grows, so grows the price per bottle and the number of bottles.  Surprisingly, no problems here from the chief financial officer (CFO).  We are being more social, inviting friends over more often.  Need a gift?  No problem, many bottles to choose from downstairs. Wine dinners, meeting new people. Great! Phew.
  • Minor trouble: Food bloggers eat cold food.  This is OK for the blogger, but the spouse may not be so happy.  Guests?  You don’t mind if I take some photos do you?  I suppose this is only a problem for amateur food bloggers.  Pro’s likely separate the cooking/photography and the actual eating.
Grilled Lamb Chops on a bed of slaw with roasted brocolli and carrots

Looks great in the photo…

Finally, real trouble makes an appearance:

  • “Have you ever heard of cleaning up while you cook?”
  • “Did you really need to dirty every single measuring cup, spoon, pot and pan that we own?”
  • “I have an idea: why don’t you start blogging about pairing wines with takeout!”
The dirty truth: a sink full of dishes

The real trouble – and this for a meal cooked entirely on the grill!

11 Responses to “Trouble at the Intersection of Food & Wine”
  1. talkavino says:

    “pairing wines with takeout” – you might be onto something : )

  2. Lynda says:

    I feel your pain Julie!

  3. My kitchen sink looks like that ALL the time!! And just last week I paired a wine (a Stoller Chardonnay) with a bucket of KFC! Nice job! Salud!!

  4. Sally says:

    Cotes du Rhone with a home delivery shawarma is not to be underestimated.

  5. I am pretty confident in saying that sparkling wine is the best pairing with any and all take-out, but then people would expect me to say that I guess.

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