Wilderness Wine

Fine wine and premium Scotch too.

Can You Take Wine on a Wilderness Trip?
Most wilderness areas prohibit glass containers of any kind.  What’s a wine loving camper to do?  We just spent seven days in the Scapegoat Mountain Wilderness in Montana with the help of an excellent professional outfitter, K lazy 3.  Before the trip, we picked up a couple Platy Preserve wine bags to try out, plus trying a regular “soft” water bottle made by the same company.

When travelling in the wilderness, take only essentials!

When travelling in the wilderness, take only essentials!

Our test wines were drawn from several of our favorite Walla Walla, WA wineries:

  • Rotie Cellars Southern Blend 2010 – a Grenache/Syrah/Mourvedre Southern Rhone blend
  • Gramercy Cellars Tempranillo “Inigo Montoya” 2009
  • Rulo WCF red – a Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah blend

Day One Results
The wine was a treat with our day one dinner of homemade lasagna.

No fancy wine glasses needed!

Good wine enhances any meal.  No fancy wine glasses needed!

Day Two Results
Day two was a fishing day for Julie and I.  I managed to land a nice 18″ trout to add to our dinner!  The Gramercy Tempranillo and the Rulo WCF were both still in great shape and were very enjoyable at the dinner table.  No wine glasses?  No matter!

Good wine enhances any meal, even more-so in the outdoors.

Fresh trout addition to a roast beef dinner.

Platy Preserve Wine Bag ($10 at REI)
These soft BPA-free wine bags allow you to expel all excess air, and pack down to next to nothing when empty.  As long as you keep the wine relativey cool, you should be able to have wine on your trip for many days. Nice wine will enhance any of your wilderness meals.  Consider investing in a set for your future trips!

PlatyPreserve wine bag

PlatyPreserve wine bag

This is a food & wine blog, not a wilderness travel blog.  I hope you’ll indulge me in a plug for K Lazy 3 Outfitters.  Here are a few photos from our horse packing / fly fishing trip into the Scapegoat Mountain Wilderness in Montana.  Click on any photo to view as a slide show.

5 Responses to “Wilderness Wine”
  1. I have never seen wilderness food photographed so beautifully. Thanks for sharing a great week with us in the Scapegoat!

  2. Thanks for sharing how well the Platy Preserves worked! I have been curious.

  3. Lynne Pelos says:

    This looks like an amazing trip. Have to get more details next time we see you. Maybe Perry & I will do something like this in the future. Beautiful shots & wine tips!

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