Idiot’s Grace Vineyard Walk

Last week (May 15), I had the opportunity to take a walk in the Idiot’s Grace Vineyard in Mosier, OR.  Memaloose Wines has two properties: Mistral Ranch and Idiot’s Grace.  All their wines come from one of these two estate vineyards,  both located in the tiny Columbia Gorge AVA.  I love the opportunity to see the place the grapes are grown, to meet the growers and the winemakers. We’re members of their wine club and always look forward to our shipments.  Their wines are made with food in mind.  To that end, they always include a recipe for each of the wines in the shipment, which I enjoy trying.  Thanks to Memaloose Wines and specifically to Brian McCormick for letting me wander freely for an hour in the vineyard.  What a treat!

Click on any of the photos below to start the slide show

2 Responses to “Idiot’s Grace Vineyard Walk”
  1. Curious to know the story behind the name….

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