Champagne Stopper: These Things Work!

Just a quick post tonight.  Get a Champagne stopper, they actually work.  Note: this post should not be confused with another post I need to write: “Aerators: a Waste of Money!”

We don’t usually need a stopper, as we rarely fail to finish a bottle of sparkling wine.  Somehow, they just seem to disappear.  Occasionally, though, we don’t finish the bottle on night #1.

Day 1: Lovely aroma, nice acidity & lots of bubbles

Day 1: Lovely aroma, nice acidity & lots of bubbles

On Valentine’s day, we enjoyed Chartogne-Taillet Brut Rose with dinner at home, but we didn’t finish the whole bottle.

Day 2: Bubbles preserved!

Day 2: Bubbles preserved!

On day 2, the Champagne was still very nice.  The aroma was the same as the day before.  The bubbles were a bit less than day 1, but the Champagne was still very enjoyable.  At about $6, a Champagne stopper is a good investment, worth having in your kitchen drawer!

5 Responses to “Champagne Stopper: These Things Work!”
  1. Absolutely thrilled to learn of this and to hear your endorsement. Actually, hope to procure one today! We plan to start our evening with some bubbly but have an older Chardonnay we’ll sip with dinner so we’ll likely cap off the champagne after a glass each if we have an option that’s reliable for saving it. Thank you! (P.S. I totally agree with you on aerators! However, we are a split decision in our household because the other half of The Kitten, my dear darling spouse, actually likes gadgets like that.)

    • Sounds like the perfect opportunity to use the stopper. It’s a treat to have the bubbly on day two as well.
      I’m drawn to gadgets, but we did a blind test with our aerator with a couple of wines. When you do it blind, your imagination can’t interfere. We are big believers in decanting.

  2. We rarely have an unfinished bottle of bubbles either, but when we do, those stoppers are handy!

  3. Lynne Pelos says:

    I have to agree. I’ve had one forever. Not sure where it even came from, but it sure does work!

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