Domaine Rouge-Bleu Dentelle & Braised Chicken

If you’re a red wine drinker looking for a wine to go with lighter foods,  Domaine Rouge-Bleu Dentelle may be just the ticket.  This Rhone blend of Carignan and Grenache was perfect with a cheese plate, braised chicken and roast acorn squash!

Upon opening, Dentelle has a very earthy aroma.  It dissipates in 15 minutes or so; decanting would  speed this if you’re not an earthy aroma fan.  The wine is dark red and opaque; it’s  clearly not filtered, which is nice!  The wine opens up after a little while, showing strawberries and pepper.  The grenache seems to dominate the nose.  It’s nice and fresh, not quite herbal, maybe a touch of floral.  It has some tannins, but not too much.  As this wine opened up, we enjoyed it more and more.  Domaine Rouge-Bleu suggests salads, white meats and fruit desserts to pair with Dentelle.  We  agree!

First, we tried the wine with a variety of cheeses.  The Dentelle was best with goat cheese and a stinky washed rind.

Dentelle is especially good with goat cheeses and a stinky washed rind cheese.

A nice way to ensure a match between the wine and the dinner is to use the wine as part of the preparation, often as part of a sauce or marinade.  Today we had the Dentelle with chicken braised in red wine, prunes and olives.  We used the Dentelle as the wine in the braising liquid.

Dentelle stars as the braising liquid and the wine at the table.

Dinner Details

Here in Minnesota, we are well into the season for hearty fall meals.  Out comes the dutch oven for braising, and winter squash becomes a natural part of dinner.

The chicken preparation tonight came from a cookbook: All About Braising: The Art of Uncomplicated Cooking by Molly Stevens.  The ingredient combination is pretty unique, and I didn’t change it, so I’ll not include the recipe here.  I love braising in my dutch oven, and Molly’s cookbook has lots of good ideas, so I’ll be getting a copy for my permanent collection.  Alternatives for this recipe would be Coq au Vin or any number of red wine braised chicken recipes.

After browning the chicken, you braise in the same pot.

Squash (serves 2)

This squash is so good, I considered naming this entry: “Awesome Chevre in Acorn Squash & Some Other Stuff”!
I adapted the recipe from Singing Hills Dairy goat farmer and cheesemaker, Kate Wall.  Kate brings her cheeses to the Mill City Farmers Market, the Fulton Farmers’ Market , and the Kingfield Farmers’ Market in Minneapolis during the warmer months.  In the colder months, Kate will be at the winter Mill City Farmers’ Market. A few weeks ago, Kate was selling chevre coated in dried cranberries and walnuts.  She offered her favorite preparation of acorn squash – roasting with the cavity filled with this cheese.  Her idea sounded good to me, but I modified it just a bit:

1 Acorn squash, halved, cored with seeds removed

2 Tbs maple syrup (one for each half)

2 Tbs chevre coated with dried cranberries & walnuts (one for each half)

Place 1 Tbs of maple syrup in each squash half, roast for 1/2 hour at 350 deg. F

After 1/2 hour, add 1 Tbs. of the goat cheese mixture to each squash half, continue roasting for another 1/2hour.

Serve and enjoy!  It’s that simple (and received rave reviews from Julie!)

Acorn squash filled with maple syrup and chevre mixture, ready to enjoy.

Do you have any favorite fall weather braised chicken recipes?  Perhaps a traditional Coq au Vin?  How about a wine pairing?  I’d be interested in your thoughts or suggestions.

Thanks to Kate Wall for the squash recipe and the wonderful chevre with cranberries and walnuts.  Thanks to Pairings Food & Wine in Minnetonka for providing the wine for evaluation!

5 Responses to “Domaine Rouge-Bleu Dentelle & Braised Chicken”
  1. That is a great fall pairing and I agree that the prunes are an interesting ingredient that I really have never considered before….

  2. I could not resist to another comment since I discovered with joy that another wine I made was highlighted in your blog. Congrats for this great post and thank you so much. Hope to meet sometimes on the West Coast (I am a big fan of OR and No CA wines) or in the Rhône Valley

  3. Mike D says:

    Is that black tape on your decanter or chalk board paint? Looks cool.

    • Chalkboard paint! My daughter made some wine glasses with the chalkboard paint for me for Christmas last year. I liked them so much, I painted all my wine glasses and decanters. It’s great when you have multiple bottles open, or you want to run multiple wine glasses. So practical, and I agree, it looks cool. thanks!

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