“Our Grand Meander” Walla Walla – Gramercy Cellars

This was our second visit to Gramercy Cellars and they hold a special place in our heart.  Last year, when our son turned twenty-one in Walla Walla, we called Gramercy and had their L’idiot du Village (modeled after a Cotes du Rhone) delivered to Peter.  Funny…he hasn’t had it yet as he’s saving it for a big celebration!

This winery was founded by Greg Harrington, a Master Sommelier.  Greg and his wife came to Walla Walla to make wines that avoid some of the excesses of many American wines.  They pick ripe but not overripe grapes, embrace minimal intervention winemaking techniques, use less new oak, and aim for lower alcohol.  The results are elegant traditional wines from uniquely Washington grapes.

The tasting room is located a bit outside downtown Walla Walla; no one just wanders in casually.  The tasting room doesn’t look like anything special on the outside, but once inside, you feel like you are at home with friends.

The tasting room is so comfy.

Steve Wells runs the tasting room and wears many other hats, such as the driver of their big new truck!  He’s been through a couple of harvests as a principal member of the team.  Steve is also Gramercy’s photographer and videographer; he keeps Facebook fans entertained through the year.

Steve Wells makes you feel at home.  He really knows his stuff!

Steve guided us through a tasting of the wines that are currently available.  We also previewed the 1st wine exclusively from Gramercy estate grapes, the 2010 Gramercy Estate Syrah.  It’s the wine with the big red stripe in the photo, the mark of wine club exclusives.  We feel lucky to be wine club members; the arrival of the shipment is a bit like Christmas.  We can’t wait to see the Estate Syrah next spring!

An impressive tasting lineup.

Gramercy shares winery space with another winery in town.  Steve offered to let us go over for a visit.   Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go over to the other winery this time.  Hopefully we’ll get to visit next time!

Beautiful purity of color in a Gramercy Cab.

Gramercy made our favorite rose this summer!

We’ve really enjoyed our Gramercy Cellars wines over the last year.  They are very aromatic, with rich but not overripe flavors.  With food, they are even nicer, with underlying flavors emerging in concert with the food.

Of course, steak is a natural partner at the table.

Thanks to Gramercy Cellars and Steve Wells for hosting our visit!  We’ll be back!

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