Kingfield Farmer’s Market – Sunday!

Note: This is part 1 of a 2 part blog entry.  Part 2 will cover what I did with the food I purchased at Kingfield.

I recently wrote about Fulton Farmer’s Market, my local Saturday morning farmer’s market.  But what about Sunday?  Problem solved: Kingfield Farmer’s Market is also located in South Minneapolis, but is open on Sundays.  Kingfield is located at 4310 Nicollet Ave.

Friendly staff at Kingfield Farmer’s Market

Kingfield is small, but big enough

Kingfield is small enough to get through quickly if you need, but offers a nice variety of fresh produce, meats, flowers, and ready to eat treats.  Parking is easy and is available close-by.

Plenty of entertainment

A bicycle powered blender!

Not just food, but fresh flowers, too.

Kohlrabi – I need to try this sometime soon

My challenge today was to get all the major ingredients for our Sunday dinner at the market.  I passed on kohlrabi today, I’ve never tried it.  Maybe next week!  Let’s see what I found.

Friendly vendors

Nice, young yellow and green zucchini from Dawn 2 Dusk Gardens.

LoveTree Farm Cheeses – a real treat!

The big surprise today was that LoveTree Farm Cheese is at Kingfield on Sundays!  Lovetree Farm is one of our favorite local artisan cheesemakers.  Sometimes, I’ll ride my bike to the St. Paul Farmer’s Market to visit with Mary Falk and pick up some cheese.  Mary’s husband, Dave, hosts the booth on Sunday at Kingfield.  What a treat, it’s so much closer!  I picked up a couple cheeses for a cheese course before dinner.  Can’t wait!

Peter’s Pumpkins: Super fresh sweet corn

Last week, I didn’t arrive in time for the first local corn of the season.  This week, supply wasn’t a problem.  Pete of Peter’s Pumpkins explained that this week’s corn might be the best of the whole season; he was so right.

Picked early this morning

Minnesotans love fresh sweet corn!  I picked up six for dinner.  I never buy more than we’ll eat the same day.

Sun Street breads look great

I picked up a loaf of Sun Street Bread sourdough bread for dinner.

Wild Run Salmon and Sun Street Breads

Local Salmon in Minneapolis?  Wild Run Salmon offers a version.  A family member spends his summers in Alaska where he owns a fishing boat.  Wild Run is staffed by other family members in Minnesota.  Beautiful boat caught salmon.  Who’d have known?

Stand by for part 2 to see what I did with my finds today!

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