Garlic Scapes? What’s That?

On a trip to Fulton Farmer’s Market, I saw these garlic scapes and decided to give them a try.  The person at the booth explained that scapes are what would be the flowers of the garlic plant.  They cut them off so the garlic can focus it’s energy on the bulb.  They have a different texture and are less intense than the bulb, but they are definitely garlic.  She said she just saute’s them.

Garlic Scapes at Fulton Farmers Market

First up: Lunch.  As usual, flatbreads on the grill!

Flatbread toppings featuring garlic scapes

I cut the scapes into pieces about 2″ long, sliced the onions thinly, and sauteed them.  The scapes seemed a bit too firm to just throw them on the flatbread uncooked.

Sauteed scapes and onions are the highlight of today’s flatbread

The scapes/onions combo will be the heart of today’s flatbreads, although they won’t be alone!

Finished grilled flatbread, full of scapes!

They hardly show, but there a solid layer of scapes and onions form the flavor base of this flatbread.

Lunch is ready! Garlic scapes flatbread

The scapes and onions were great; garlicy but not overwhelmingly so.  It was almost like they were something else, infused with garlic flavor.  They also had a nice, chewy texture.  Today is mostly about the scapes, but the Gramercy Cellars Rose´ was a wonderful match for the flatbread.  It’s been one of our favorites so far this summer!

Next up: Dinner!

Scapes are the centerpiece of tonight’s veggies

The scapes, onions, and carrots are fresh and local, from the farmer’s market.

Ready to head out to the grill

The veggies are cut, coated with a little extra virgin olive oil, and tossed with herbs from the garden.  Today’s herbs were rosemary, thyme, tarragon, and some basil.

Fresh veggies on the grill

As much as possible, everything goes on the grill in the summer.  This grill basket gets used almost every time we fire up the grill!  The veggies go on first, so they can roast for a total of about 20 minutes.  The fish goes on just at the end.

Veggies were the highlight of the meal!

Dinner was great: salmon, rice, fresh homemade grilled bread, and of course, the grilled veggies.  The salmon was very nice, but the veggies really stole the show.

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