Fulton Farmers Market

I love the proliferation of local farmers markets in Minneapolis/St. Paul!  I used to think there were essentially two farmers markets in our area: Minneapolis and St. Paul.  They are both great, and offer a wide variety of fresh produce, honey, cheese, local farm raised meats, and a host of other products.  Neighborhood markets have been around for a few years, but a cycling buddy recently told me about Fulton Farmers Market.  If you don’t live in SW Minneapolis, you might find your neighborhood market in the Mpls Star Tribune map.

Fulton Farmers Market is in South Minneapolis, at 49th and Chowen, which is so close and convenient!  I have been there a couple of times now, and I’m hooked.  It’s an easy bike ride, but parking is pretty easy too.  I just love the smaller scale.  It seems like there is at least one of everything you might need from a farmers market.  Here are a few photos from this Saturday.

Fulton Farmers Market – just big enough

Plenty of fresh local produce

This is more beets than I ever need to see again. You might love them!

Plenty of kids and personal interaction

Garlic Scapes – these would be the flowers on the top of garlic plants. They cut them off to have the garlic focus on the bulb. I had to bring some of these home to try.

Patisserie 46 has incredible pastries

Canned peaches – they look incredible!

Big River Pizza – portable wood fired pizza! They have breakfast and lunch pizzas and they looked incredible.

Small, fresh, bright onions – I had to get some.

Now, truth be told, I still go to the big farmers markets on occasion.  Even though it’s more of a time investment, there are special vendors that are only at certain markets.

St. Paul Farmers Market is worth a special trip – find Mary and Love Tree Sheep Farm Artisan Cheeses!

I have a special affinity for the St. Paul Farmers Market, because Mary Falk of Love Tree Farm brings her artisan cheeses.  It’s a 40 mile round trip bike ride from my house, so I get a nice long ride and wonderful artisan cheeses; it’s my “earn your cheese ride”.  Definitely worth a future blog entry all by itself!

In the meantime, go visit your neighborhood farmers market!

5 Responses to “Fulton Farmers Market”
  1. Joe Labriola says:

    mmmm fresh!

  2. David Brauer says:

    Mary and her husband Dave are at the Kingfield Farmers Market in Minneapolis on Sundays!

  3. Susan Skovbo says:

    Great post on my favorite local market! What did you end up doing with the scapes? Along with the kohlrabi, they were my favorite new farmers market food-find last year.

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