Sushi Unrolled at Kitchen in the Market

On Friday night my wife, Julie, and I participated in a Sushi making class at Kitchen in the Market in Minneapolis.  I’ve taken a number of food photography classes there and the folks there are really great.  Classes there are all about participation, and they make it really fun!

Here is one of our nicest final results

As soon as you arrive, they put one of their signature champagne cocktails in your hand.

KITM champagne cocktail

Chef John was our instructor, and he gave us a great introduction to sushi making at home and assured us we could do this!

Chef John explaining the basics of sushi making at home.

Soon after we sat down, we separated into small groups and got to work.  I think the photos tell the story pretty well, all by themselves

Our prep station, ready to start.

Thin slicing avocados.

Dicing tuna.

Julie (on the left) and friends prepping ingredients.

Chef John demonstrating how to slice the fish for best flavor and presentation.

Great sauces for the sushi, quite a departure from soy sauce and wasabi.

Important ingredients.

Tuna and salmon, sliced and ready.

Tempura shrimp.

Mangoes, morels, peppers, and carrots.

Applying the sticky rice to the nori (seaweed paper) is easy once you learn the trick – wet hands!

Everyone is busy rolling sushi.

Tempura shrimp, cream cheese, mangoes and tobiko just before the final roll-up.

Rolling the sushi is easy!

Finished tempura shrimp roll.

We also learned how to assemble a cone shaped hand roll. The paper is soy based.

Finished hand rolled sushi. What a beauty!

Chef John giving us some presentation tips.

Finished trays full of beautiful sushi.

We called this the “happy face” roll.

Sushi close-up.

Beautiful results on our first try!

One Response to “Sushi Unrolled at Kitchen in the Market”
  1. Jar Of Salt says:

    Looks absolutely mouthwatering… and pretty 🙂

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