Pork Tenderloin, Mushroom Pasta & J. Christopher Pinot Noir

Pork tenderloin w/red wine reduction, mushroom pasta, green beans, fresh bread and J. Christopher Pinot Noir

Julie and I are headed out for a long weekend in Willamette Valley this weekend, so we have been previewing a number of Oregon Pinot Noir’s in advance of the trip.  Sunday dinner this week was made with Pinot Noir in mind.  I started with recipes from Everyday Dining with Wine.  It’s an older book (2004), but I think Andrea Immer has some useful advice about pairing food and wine.  Her book gives general suggestions and also many recipes with wine pairing suggestions.

The mushroom pasta was pretty easy, starting with a bunch of fresh shiitake mushrooms, my new favorite.

Start with 8 oz. of fresh shiitake mushrooms

Now, slice them nice and thin. Don't forget to discard the stems.

Soak 1 oz. of your favorite dried mushrooms in a cup of boiling chicken broth, then chop finely.

Saute 3 oz. chopped prosciutto with some sage and thyme

Now, combine proscuitto and all the mushrooms and a bit of butter.

Finally, add in 8 oz. of cooked pasta, I used linguine

The red wine reduction for the pork tenderloin is pretty easy.  Start with chopping some shallots and dried cherries.

Chopped shallots and dried cherries.

Start with 1 cup of chicken broth, and a cup of Pinot Noir.  Add in chopped shallots and dried cherries and simmer until reduced by half.

Simmer the liquid until reduced by half.

The pork tenderloin with red wine reduction was nice, the cherries were a good tie to the Pinot Noir.  The hit of the night, however, was the mushroom pasta.  It was a great combination of chewy, earthy flavors mixed with the pasta.  The Pinot Noir was a nice match to both the pork and the mushrooms in the pasta.  The mushroom pasta may be a regular at our house, it was amazing!

2 Responses to “Pork Tenderloin, Mushroom Pasta & J. Christopher Pinot Noir”
  1. Liberty Mroczek says:

    The pasta sounds earthy and easy. A savvy pairing indeed, Jeff!

  2. localfoodlust says:

    Nice! The pasta does sound especially nice.

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