Pacific Perch w/heirloom tomato jalapeno dill relish, and Clos Saron Carte Blanche

Sunday dinner is our prime time for a nice meal with a nice wine to match.  Today, I used a recipe from Cooking Light’s “Way to Cook” cookbook.  The recipe was for Halibut with Persimmon Tomato and Dill Relish.  Ever heard of a persimmon tomato?  Me neither.  I went to Linden Hills Coop to get the freshest ingredients; no persimmon tomatoes.  I love heirloom tomatoes, so I figured they would be fine.  Also, no halibut today, so I picked pacific perch.

Fresh ingredients look so nice, here are the salsa ingredients beforehand.

And here is the finished salsa.

I had leftover heirloom tomatoes, so I sliced those as a side dish.

With so many fresh, organic ingredients, I went with the most natural wine I have.  This is a new winery for me.  I ordered 4 bottles from Clos Saron this spring to give them a try.  I had read good things about this winery.  They are a small operation.  They farm sustainably, and the winemaking is non-interventional taken to the limit.  Traditional, little or no manipulation in the winemaking.  They dose their wines with little or no sulfites.  The whites have just a touch, but much less than most.

Carte Blanche is a blend of several grapes including albarino and chardonnay.  No new oak, and not so high alcohol.  This wine was really enjoyable and matched the meal perfectly.  We had a great time at dinner, enjoying the food and conversation with our daughter, Casey.  Great end to our weekend.

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