Zinfandel Wine Dinner – Report

Our Zinfandel wine tasting and dinner went great!  I think we made some Zin converts last night.  Many of our friends had only had the ripe, rich “funny name Zins”.  When introduced to some other styles, they found out what a nice wine it can be.  Nothing wrong with the ripe, rich style, there is a time and place for every wine.  Because we were the wine hosts as well as the dinner hosts, it got a little hectic and I forgot all about the camera – oops!  Just a few pics here from the evening.

First, we tasted our way through our array of wines, with some nice cheeses, bread, olives, and charcuterie.

After tasting through the wines, we moved on to dinner.  I tried a new, non-traditional marinade for the ribs and chicken.  It was an Orange/Tamari marinade, it was pretty good, but I’ll stick with barbecue sauce next time.

Dinner is always lots of noise and fun.  This where great food & wine combinations are discovered.  At these dinners I watch for which wines are gone first – a true test of the group favorite.

Tonight, it was a neck and neck race between the Bedrock, the Unti, and the Ridge.  I think the Unti was the first one emptied, but it was only by a minute or two.  Interesting how the Turley (the most expensive of the bunch) wasn’t the first to go.  People liked it, but found the others a better companion at the table.

Our next dinner is scheduled for June, and we’ll be exploring the Tempranillo grape.

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